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International Dough Disco Day

Music is number one item of the day!
Create an inspired play list for throughout the day of traditional and maybe a little crazy tunes for Dough Disco.
Have a themed/dress up #DoughDiscoDay ! Dress up in red and black and wear blonde wigs, football theme it with everyone wearing a strip, safari, superhero, under the sea … Shonette’s favourite… Pirates! Yaaaar!

Please note registration is closed until next year


People signed up for International Dough Disco Day, thanks to all who contacted us

Thanks to all those who participated and helped create a fun and action filled day!

Watch Shonettes International Dough Disco 2017 here:

Ideas for the day:

-The Willows Primary School, Stoke on Trent organised a fun packed day including take home dough for the parents!:

“Our theme was red and black, children had a brain builder (homework) to make crazy dough at home and write instructions we had lots of different dough. The craziest dough – won a prize!

We then celebrate with a disco and dance for gaining our Spread the Happiness Award as an EYFS Team.

We then had a big dough disco session with lots of our favourite dough disco moves and songs and linked up LIVE with Shonette herself!

Then we made sensory dough in our classes Mrs Manning made pink sparkle bubble bath dough, Mrs Bond made peppermint green sparkle dough and Miss Gibson made FOOTBALL dough with REAL grass! Plus other teachers made lots of other exciting sensory dough!

Amazing effort ladies and gents!

All children have taken a piece of sensory dough home to show and share their dough disco moves with their families.

Another fun and exciting Dough Disco Day, roll on Dough Disco Day 2018!”

-Kate Manning

-Lord Scudamore Academy organised a fun packed day for their 9th June 2016 International Dough Disco Day, their itinerary included:

They took the Reception children (all 90 of them!) to the new shopping development in Hereford, where they ….

* made dough for the children to do Dough Disco

* got a local DJ to play the music needed

* had a gazebo set up with balloons and banners with a stage for Corinne to lead the dough dancing!!!!

* put posters up in the shops to promote the event

* sent invitations for parents to pop along and join in

* made dough to hand out to parents and public to join in

Send us your ideas to get people inspired!


This year we had schools involved from…

…all over the UK, Kenya, Romania, Dubai, Turkey, Thailand, Isle of Man, Southern Ireland, Spain, China, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Kuwait, Singapore, Belgium, USA, New Zealand, France, Canada, Vietnam, Germany……. where next?