Festival of Happiness 2018

Festival of Happiness 2018

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Who’s involved?

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The festival of happiness is about people being the best version of themselves, flourishing and enjoying all aspects of their lives, including their career.

We’re so lucky to have EKM – providers of ecommerce software, sponsoring the festival of Happiness. EKM are a company that care very much about the happiness of their customers and their employees (they even have a slide in their mega office in Preston!) and they are the perfect fit for our festival.

The offer an Award winning, 5 star rated platform for building your own online shop. It’s super easy to use, incredibly affordable and backed up with brilliant customer support. If you’re considering starting your own online business, we think you’d love them, so why not start a free 14 day trial.

The founder of EKM, Antony Chesworth, is a perfect example of a 2%’er and recently spoke to Andy on our podcast – why not give it a listen?


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Andy Cope, has spent 12 years researching positive psychology, wellbeing and human flourishing, culminating in a Loughborough University PhD. Andy is a sought-after keynote speaker and also masquerades as a best-selling children’s author so is that rarest of talents, an academic with a mental age of 8. He has written several best-selling books and will share some simple philosophies, thinking and techniques that he’s learned along the way.
Andy describes it as ‘personal remembering’; deep down we all know the secrets of happiness but the world conspires to make us forget. Dr Happy will be prescribing a huge personal reminder.




Shonette Bason-Wood was born, in her own words ‘too happy’. She’s living proof that happiness is contagious! Described as the Jessica Rabbit of motivational speakers (‘I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way’), Shonette has a global reach and the Festival of Happiness gives her an opportunity to wow delegates with her brand of infectious self-help comedy.
Beneath the laughs, Shonette has a burning passion to make a difference to the wellbeing of the next generation.


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What happens when you get 1000 positive people in a room?
– Nobody knows, because it’s never been done before. The only way to find out is to BE THERE.

* The Festival of Happiness is a not-for-profit event.
* The aim is to cover the costs of the Old Trafford venue, hence the tickets are priced so anyone can attend.
* Any surplus money will be donated to Spread the Happiness charity.
* (Registered Number: 1172476)