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This year it is my mission to start a revolution in education, one that starts from within the staff in schools and then ripples and impacts on the wider world. I have been told that we need a Happiness Gang of 1000 for anyone to take any notice and from this information I am creating the Top 1000 Happiest Educators! These educators (you), are those people willing to go the extra mile, put children first and believe in the power of joining together to make a positive change for the future.

We will complete a series of six-month challenges together and commit to gathering as many educator friends and colleagues into the group.

Are you in?
Then click here to complete the nomination form:

1000 Top Educators Nomination Form

I’m so looking forward to meeting you. Let’s make change in education by showing the world how we are the top 1000 Happiest Educators.

Happy New Year! Love Shonette xx

“Time is more precious than gold, more precious than diamonds, more precious than oil or any valuable treasures.
It is time that we do not have enough of, it is time that causes the war within our hearts, and so, we must spend it wisely.
Time cannot be packaged and ribboned and left under trees for Christmas morning.
Time can’t be given. But it can be shared. “
 – Cecelia Ahern
My favourite quote and reminder to gift my family more of my time this holiday season.
Why? Because we all get so lost in the comparison Christmases we find on adverts and lose ourselves in the busyness that we forget just how many memory making opportunities we miss at this time of year. My staff and I a few years ago were up to our eyes in the show, cards, mince pie making and the contagious ‘tired moan’ started. Lots of our children don’t have John Lewis style Christmas, in fact one child thought he and his family were lucky as they shared a tin of custard on Christmas Day.So, let’s set aside our moans (get the wand out!) and make 2017 count up to Christmas the best memories so far for children and staff. All you need to do is click the link to register free and join in the fun by sharing your experiences via FB or twitter. Why not send the link to parents to encourage parent partnership? Recently a Mum with depression said the 50 things to do this summer had helped her more than anyone would ever know through the summer holidays.

Please can I share my exciting news?

So happy to share our very latest project – School of Spread the Happiness is now up and running!We have built a platform in which people can access CPD without leaving school!
It has my brand new Squiggle me into a Writer and Cursive Writer and free Spinderella planning and emergent writing set!

It’s my intention to hold monthly web meets with different inspirations for us all to access as much forward thinking as possible!

Why not join as a free member and have a look?

Let me know what you think? #spreadthehappiness

Happiness – your route map to inner joy.

This funny, practical book by Andy Cope, the Dr of Happiness and Shonette, will show you how to transform your thinking, change gear and find a fresh new perspective that will leave you better focused on the things that matter, healthier and a great deal happier.

Festival of Happiness 2018

For people who want to celebrate the science of happiness and learn about how they can spread more happiness in themselves and other people’s lives.

Click on the icon to book your tickets!

Dough Disco Charity Book

Our Dough Disco Charity Book is now available to buy!

Happiness Award

See how you can participate in our Happiness Awards.

International Dough Disco Day 9th June 2017

Thanks to all those who took part!

Spread the Happiness Book 4 is out

Spread the Happiness Book 4 – Giants and more is available in our shop.

Happiness Diary now available

Happiness Diary is now SOLD OUT!

Spread the Happiness TV

Spread the Happiness TV is full of free primary resources, take a look at our Youtube channel.

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