All Day Event – Creating ‘Standing-Out’ Early Years and into Year 1 (Preparing for Ofsted’s new framework) Conference


Wednesday 5th May

Online Event

Shonette Bason-Wood is Guinness World Record Holder, mother of four, International Speaker and award-winning author. She has created a positive global community within education in which educators put their own happiness first to impact on the children they work with. Famous for her fine muscle exercise Dough Disco, Shonette has created impacting EYFS/KS1 approaches that instantly lift reading, writing and maths. Her work is done Internationally in over 36 countries world-wide.

The event will include:

The Journey of Literacy through EY into KS1- This session will focus on mark making into writing. This will include Shonette’s new Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle 2.0. She will also discuss how to use play based learning effectively to achieve outstanding writing results (all on a shoestring budget)

Maths in Early Years through to Key Stage 1 – This is a successful kinaesthetic approach to teaching mathematics, which results in accelerated development of key mathematical knowledge and skills. This course leads practitioners through how to achieve ‘outstanding’ progress in mathematics through the Early Years to Level 3. It will include a session on digit dance.

Reading – the Spread the Happiness neurological approach to reading that lifts not only the reading of key words but also improves spelling. It will also include preparing for OFSTED new framework with amazing new ideas to boost early reading.

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