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50 things to do for Summer
girl in superman outfit

Grace Baron

Spread the happiness, go the extra mile to make others happy, to make them smile. Remember you are important too Self-care is a thing you must do! Sometimes Lemon Suckers can get you down, Turning your smile into a frown. Stand tall and...
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Throwing sponge at target

The Cameron-Pattenden Family

"We have had an absolute blast this summer with the challenges. As a family we are outdoorsy and messy so we were in our element with these challenges. My favourite one was painting with things from the kitchen and my son Mickey loved doing messy twister!"...
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The Roebuck family

The Roebucks Family took part in our "50 things to do for summer" and had a great time, these pictures show just a few of the whole 50 things they completed. "Thank you so much for making our summer so exciting and packed full of adventure"  
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Teacher Award

Little Lambs Day Nursery

"So you asked for people views on what spread the happiness or the Award had done for settings. I feel I may have rambled slightly but cannot express how much shonette and her philosophy has done for me and my staff as well as my setting and I wanted to wri...
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EYFS Team at Linton Primary School

"Members of the EYFS Team at Linton have attended several of Shonette's training events and have on every occasion found them to be both fun and massively inspiring. We've started the last two school years on a Shonette- inspired Happiness Week, giving u...
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Abi Howell & Elizabeth Cohen

Marden Vale Academy Our journey to happiness began a year ago when we took a road trip to Somerset and met Shonette for the very first time. We absolutely loved our happiness shabang and have been on a happiness mission ever since. We are very proud to b...
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Sue Faulder

It’s been a fantastic journey for us. Having had some new staff members that came in shy and quiet,  are now feeling part of the team and because of the challenges and work we have done with Shonette are now confident and happy practitioners. The kids faces...
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Kirsty Renshaw

Hiya my personal journey has been absolutely fantastic. My self confidence has increased tremendously. I take on lead role within the nursery, supporting staff and engaging children in the activities and challenges from spread the happiness. I love nothi...
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Lauren Ellis

Reception teacher at Pentrepoeth Primary School.   We have thoroughly enjoyed participating as a Foundation Phase in the Spread the Happiness Accelerator Challenges and have continued to embed this in our school by creating bucket lists with the ...
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Family Award

Edwards Family

"First of all thank you for making our summer one of the best ever. The list helped me. We had great fun doing it."
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The Williams family

"The Summer's over but we're still having fun snuggled up in our blanket! We had a great summer completing the challenges!"
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The Wilson Family

"We had a fab time completing these throughout the holiday thank you so much for letting us join in x"
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The Schofield family

The Schofield family

"The Schofield family have completed the 50 things to do this summer. We really enjoyed it and can't wait to take the reward back to our school. Mrs Clare Fairclough will be very happy!"
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Charlotte Ramsay

Charlotte Ramsey

"We loved the challenge to complete all 50 of the things to do summer 2017. We had so much fun as a family completing them. My girls Hazel 8, Freya 5 and Ruby 3 have never watched a sunrise. So we really enjoyed an early drive to the beach with breakfast...
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clavin family

The Clavin Family

"We loved following the 50 things to do in summer list and had so much fun completing it! Thanks! Xxx"
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