Dough Disco ™

Dough Disco™ is a popular fine motor skill exercise that can be used in settings, classrooms and at home to improve children’s writing skills. Using play dough will develop hand eye coordination, social skills when in groups and train hand muscle for early years writing.

We have more than 10 years using this technique within schools with proven results in improved writing skills because of children participating in this exercise.


You can now become an accredited teacher by doing our Dough Disco™ course on our learning website School of Spread the Happiness, you will need a paid subscription for the course, you can try it out for free – Click here to see the school website

We have our own play dough in our shop, you can see our products from this link – See our Dough Disco products

We have a worldwide celebration of Dough Disco™ usually in June, it’s great fun and schools all across the globe take part in the fun.

You can view lots of our play dough activities video resources on our YouTube channel “Spread the Happiness TV” – Click to see our YouTube channel here


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