What is Dough Disco?

Improve literacy skills
Improve fine motor skills

Dough Disco™ is a fine muscle exercise that Shonette invented when she realised the children in her class were struggling to write letters. She read a great deal of books about brain development and the fingers are one of the last things the brain controls. A group of neuro developmental practioners called INPP do an exercise with older children called tapping. It’s simply tapping the fingers in a certain order, some quite complex, on the table in front of them. She enjoyed it as much as the children and it started the growth of Dough Disco. She used dough because everyone loves dough and disco because music stimulates our happiness chemicals which in turn impact on memory.

With a daily Dough Disco™ the child’s brain learns to control the fingers a lot quicker.

It has no age limit because fine muscle needs exercise just like gross muscles.

Our YouTube Channel Spread The Happiness TV is full of Dough Disco™ resources that your class can sing and follow along to.


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