Two happy people holding hands at sunset

20th January 2023

A new name for January

I know it is nearly halfway through January but let me send you some positivity. 

You can’t remember the Christmas holidays, but we are nearly at Chinese New Year on Sunday 22nd January. Then it will be February with me getting out the love bug and doing a week on being kinder and more empathetic (that is for adults!). Seriously though doesn’t time fly

This year we have called January, “I-Can-U-Ary”.
We even have a WhatsApp support group which is helping people stay motivated through their goals. At the start people were encouraged to get specific, for example: “I want to be fitter” was flipped into “I can be fitter by doing”.
I encouraged everybody to build gradually not go all in. This way the small steps add up to big changes that become great habits.  
Another aspect of I-Can-U-Ary that has helped me is to not only focus on the ‘how to make the goal happen’ but look at why I want to make these changes. So, for me, I want to indoor cycle three times a week.
On Wednesday I woke up, my gym stuff on the floor so I cannot ignore it on my schedule. All night I’d talked myself out of it, ‘your throat hurts’, ‘you’ve got so much to do’. So as I sat on the side of my bed deciding, I remembered why I-can indoor cycle, because Shonette 2023 version wants to be healthier, enjoy not panting when she Squiggles and for my clothes to  feel less tight. I did it all you people out there! I put on the gym clothes went downstairs and indoor cycled.
What is your I-Can-U-Ary goal? 

If you need support, head over to any of our Spread the Happiness socials but I live on @basonshonette Instagram