Happy staff with arms raised

25th November 2022

This Might Make You Cringe

I know the key to increasing children’s potential in the classroom. Happy staff!  
I know, cringe! That’s a cliché surely, making staff happier increases the children’s academic chances?

Well it isn’t and it’s why at Spread The Happiness we encourage and empower staff to get happier within themselves. In our new course we aim to make you aware of:

  • Aware of your own mood – it affects everything  
  • Let go of more stuff – quickly 
  • Stop worrying so much 
  • Be more childlike  
  • Make more time to fall in love with your class 

These 5 things alone should be in our staff wellbeing programmes (it is in ours) because with these five under your belt you will be happier.

  • Being aware of your happiness levels on a daily basis is paramount to being a well-being. We can’t be happy all the time but we can be aware. On a scale of 1-10 (10 off your head happy) most people daily are a 5. (That grey dull Monday feeling -5!)

Solution: Switch up your routine. Change parking spaces, do something different in your daily routine and you will notice your happiness levels more. 

  • Letting go of more things quicker.  

Solution: Imagine holding a cricket ball in your outstretched arm and holding it. You’d be thinking what’s the point, I want to throw it. It is the same with thoughts, throw them. If you want to hold on to them imagine that visual with the cricket ball – Let it go!  

  • Stop worrying! (Wouldn’t this be wonderful?) 

Solution: Write all of those worries out your head. You don’t even need a special book – just paper and pen. Writing them onto paper helps you see two things – (1) How our thoughts are 99% fiction (written by ourselves) (2) You will often think through a solution when writing it down. 

  • Be more childlike. Create more joy in your personal life. 

Solution: Look around you at the changing seasons and enjoy the aspects of change. Take an umbrella out in the rain. Recently someone told me to wear walking boots but I love wearing wellies to dance in puddles and in the sea. 

  • Make more time to fall in love (not with the children as such) with things you both love.  

Solution: Add into your curriculum something you love or explore something they love. Once my nursery loved penguins so we watched them on YouTube, became them in our role play and even slid in freezing water on a tarpaulin. What does falling in love with something do? Create more joy for staff and children which increases academic potential.  

If you love these 5 tips and want to inspire your team why not get in touch and host a wellbeing event at your school. I have so many more tips and exercises to help staff take responsibility for their own wellbeing and in turn increase children’s potential within the classroom