28th November 2022

Your Children are a Year Behind

This week I have been fortunate enough to have Dr Jan Broomfield, International Doctor of speech and language, come into my Early Year’s unit in North East of England. I wanted her professional opinion on my children’s developmental age through language assessment.  
Guess what she said? 
Your children are one year behind.  
Not only are they developmentally delayed by their poverty band (1 lowest in U.K.) but also because of the global pandemic they are one year behind their chronological age.  
So, this means, my two-year-olds are age one! My three-year-olds are age two, four-year-olds are age three- and five-year-olds are four years old.  

There isn’t one! I am joking of course. Dr Jan gave me a recommended list of speech and language schemes but all of them cost money. The thing is I know how to make a dent in this problem? Turn up adult engagement to high quality.  
How? Well, if you jump across to my Facebook group, I am sharing this week my top-secret ingredient to get staff making quality engagement  
Simple, quick to implement and, a shocking reveal, I found out from a consultant Early Years inspector.  
Come join me and keep up to date with ideas and techniques that will bridge this one-year gap in development and language.