Whole School Approach – Marlow

Whole School Approach – Marlow

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Whole School Approach – Marlow

Danesfield School, Henley Road, Marlow, SL7 2EW

Wednesday, 4PM to 6PM
March 11, 2020


Spread the Happiness Team

01740 645185

shonettesmum@spreadthehappiness.co.uk, info@spreadthehappiness.co.uk


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Whole School Approach – Marlow

Danesfield School, Henley Road, Marlow, SL7 2EW

Wednesday, 4PM to 6PM
March 11, 2020


The Whole School Approach


How is staff well-being in your school right now? Would you like an impacting solution?

In the current education system creativity and teacher autonomy have been crushed, leading to unhappy staff and low morale. Educators are leaving the profession in record numbers and recruitment of teachers is at an all-time low. Children’s learning is focused mainly on literacy and maths with little room for other areas of the curriculum. The arts are almost an historic relic in education. With standards better but at a plateau the education (world-wide) is crying out for something new and refreshing that lifts the people who deliver the curriculum and the learners who it impacts on. The accredited Spread the Happiness ‘Whole School Approach’ is a tried and tested style of teaching and learning that has an instant ‘ripple’ effect that starts with attending this twilight.
raise and boost staff morale

Why do this training?

  • increase happiness and productivity within your current staff team
  • raise children’s well-being
  • increase parent partnership
  • increase community cohesion with the school
  • create a happier more enjoyable place to work and live
  • raise standards through well-being

This twilight event if attended by one or two Happiness Ambassadors will enable your school to deliver this whole school Spread the Happiness Approach. It will give the attendee tools to deliver whole school training, the 27-day challenges are differentiated for each year group and strengthen the community to maintain motivation and drive this approach forward. The whole school approach requires no curriculum or timetable changes yet impacts on the staff, children, whole school unit, parents and carers and then the wider community. This approach lifts attendance as well as data but most of all it makes the science and creation of personal happiness a priority for all.


Cost: £62 per person and 1 free place (plus VAT).