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Spread the Happiness TV.

Free tv Primary Resources for both parents and teachers.

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Link your classroom setting to your home environment and have fun at the same time.

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Enjoy your time with your children full of fun and laughter. This award will be a journey with your children that will inspire and create happy memories.

“we love the impact it’s had on ourselves, our team and most importantly the children we care for.”

50 things to do for summer


The Teach Well Alliance

The Teach Well Alliance is a support network for the promotion of teachers’ wellbeing and good mental health. Its innovative Teach Well Toolkit enables schools, colleges and universities to audit staff wellbeing, create an action plan to improve it and build a positive workplace culture. Staff are therefore more mentally equipped to support their pupils’ mental wellbeing. In addition, the happiness and wellbeing of staff leads to decreased absence, improved staff-pupil relationships, improved results, higher retention and lower staffing costs.

Find out more by visiting www.teachwellalliance.com or contacting Steve Waters at steve@teachwellalliance.com.