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Happiness Messages

Secretary – Cwmlai primary school

Our school secretary- we all take her for granted but she does so much for the whole school community and don’t always let her know how important or special she is. Your post popped up on my page today and she sprang straight to my mind. Lizanne Jones. ...
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Wyndham Academy

First THANK you goes to ALL the staff at: Wyndham Academy, Newton Aycliffe Message: They have been fantastic I just can’t thank them enough for everything they have done with my sons so far at school. A big thank you for that, and we hope they have a gre...
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Daughter Laura

We are happy parents. Our daughter Laura had sent us a postcard spread the happiness from England to France. …and she works as a teacher in Qatar. Amazing world.
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Karen because even from far away you make me smile over the little things. Hopefully this will make you smile too. ? love you lots like jelly tots.
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‘Little Lad’

Walking home after the dentist with an achey foot feeling sorry for myself and little lad over the road asks me if I'm OK and do I want help with my bags. We sent him a happiness card for being so kind :-)
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Today Alex made me happy by introducing me to Shonette’s website and specifically the video clips. They made us laugh and think of ways we could spread happiness in our work. Thank you Alex!
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Sophie Macdonald

Sophie Macdonald who not only works really hard and smiles all the time, but Sophie also runs a Mindfulness Class voluntarily for our staff at lunchtimes – bringing many more smiles and happiness to the office. A pleasure to be around and a little ray of su...
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Vicky attended your training at the Derbyshire hotel a few weeks ago. She secretly ordered all of the FS staff a Spread the Happiness bag and gave them out to the new team! It made everyone instantly happy!! She has developed an outstanding FS1 environment ...
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Jasmine Bason

So today whilst at work, a regular bought me a drink but knew from my first shift I didn't drink alcohol. so told me to get myself a coke. It made me so happy that he remembered the small detail for 5 days ago so I went in the back and into my purse to get ...
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