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Happiness Messages

Sophie Macdonald

Sophie Macdonald who not only works really hard and smiles all the time, but Sophie also runs a Mindfulness Class voluntarily for our staff at lunchtimes – bringing many more smiles and happiness to the office. A pleasure to be around and a little ray of su...
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Vicky attended your training at the Derbyshire hotel a few weeks ago. She secretly ordered all of the FS staff a Spread the Happiness bag and gave them out to the new team! It made everyone instantly happy!! She has developed an outstanding FS1 environment ...
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Jasmine Bason

So today whilst at work, a regular bought me a drink but knew from my first shift I didn't drink alcohol. so told me to get myself a coke. It made me so happy that he remembered the small detail for 5 days ago so I went in the back and into my purse to get ...
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