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Joseph McNeilly

Joseph McNeilly

14th September 2018

I’ve been stuck at home over the summer holdiays, when my little boy (3) got chicken pox and then exactly 2 weeks later, my little girl got it (7 months old). Her little face got infected and she ended up on anti-viral meds and anti-biotics. I couldn’t go out (again) and I am going back to work after Mat. leave, so was really hoping to have a good summer before going back. My two friends were both away on holiday and my husband was in work. The baby hasn’t been sleeping through the night, being unwell she was waking for night time feeds again. I was exhausted and hungry.

My dad called me and i was making a lot of noise (washing the dishes) he complained and I snapped at him saying “dad, I’ve got a very short window to get there done. Isla has gone for a nap, and she won’t sleep long” I then told him how much I found it hard to be so hard away from family when the kids were ill. Ten minutes later, he called me back and said he was going to leave work and come and see me (he lives in England, I live in Wales. The rest of my family are in Glasgow!) He finished work early and drove 1.5 hours to see me. I cried when he got here. He stayed until my hubby came home from work and then drove home.

My dad has never done anything like that before in my life. I was so grateful and desperately needed adult company and someone to hold the baby so I could pee ?