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Stuart Mcloughlin

Stuart Mcloughlin

25th June 2018

“My partner Stuart Mcloughlin what we have been through as a couple both got kids from previous relationships, he’s been my rock I’ve never met a man like him he’s took my kids on been a step dad to them my eldest who suffered from cerebral palsy Leon was 12 and stu came into are life and changed everything my eldest Leon who sadly passed away.

It was 24 hr care and stu was my team from meeting stu he took Leon’s needs on board really just treated him like my other children he showered Leon learned how to peg him medication etc without me asking he always me did I mind if he got involved with Leon he was everything to Leon and he still is to me.

I just want to show Stu how much he deserves this he’s been mine and my kids saver are rock and he’s always support us through very bad times he’s my hero and my kids absolutely adore him this is a real man.”