EYFS framework – Preparing for an OFSTED ‘Deep Dive’

Are you prepared for OFSTED’s EYFS Framework?

We are here to help! Shonette is currently doing a ‘Deep Dive’ tour of the country. Her aim is to give you the tools, techniques, confidence and pride to face an OFSTED Deep Dive into EYFS curriculum.

We currently have a few videos on our Spread the Happiness TV YouTube channel, Shonette talks us through how her events will help you to cope and thrive in the new OFSTED inspection framework.

Current February dates for preparing for OFSTED’s new EYFS framework

OFSTED's new EYFS Framework

Let’s not deep think about the ‘Deep Dive’ gain the skills to take your EYFS to the next level and be positive about these changes

Here is a video to remind us that we don’t need to worry…


Educational outside of education Shonette delivers a not to be missed talk packed with inspiration, motivation and above all Happiness!

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