Simple Steps to Success


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Simple Steps to Success

Shonette has written her own Simple tool for assessment of Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) children. She has taken the New objectives in Development Matters document 2012 and turned them into a child and adult friendly tool for assessment.

Her aim is to reduce work load but maximise the potential development of our youngest children. Shonette has written emerging, expecting and exceeding steps and designed them into simple life cycle artwork to create a tool that every EYFS practitioner will love.
The document meets so many necessary areas of the New EYFS:

  • Reduces practitioners assessment work load
  • Makes assessment easy as steps are clear
  • Creates high expectations amongst practitioners because every step is clear and progressive – teachable and achievable for every child

This document is great to share with the child, its parents or carer and for management shows the clear progress of each child in their setting. Print as many copies as needed!