The Spread the Happiness Approach: Happy Teachers, Happy Classrooms, Better Education

Book Description


Both practical and inspiring, this book is designed to empower educators and school leaders to make clear and simple adjustments to their practice for a lasting impact on the happiness and well- being of staff and children and ultimately on academic standards. It includes practical tips and activities to help teachers generate a lasting atmosphere of positivity and happiness in the classroom plus clear strategies to help leaders to embed the Spread the Happiness approach throughout their school and across the curriculum.

This book includes detailed case studies, a five-week programme of taster challenges and a section on measuring outcomes and sharing success. The Spread the Happiness approach invites teachers to undertake a 27-day challenge, which encourages problem solving and challenges them to make their immediate workplace happier. It identifies the strengths of adults and children and sets realistic goals to achieve as an individual, as a team and even as a community.

This powerful resource will be of great interest to all teachers and school leaders, as well as trainee teachers and students on leadership or early educational courses.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Why Well-being in Schools Requires the Spread the Happiness Approach


Chapter 2: From Stab Vests to Superheroes. A Leadership Approach Through Spread the Happiness


Chapter 3: Method in the Madness: An International School’s Spread the Happiness Approach Journey


Chapter 4: Grassroots teachers using Spread the Happiness Approach


Chapter 5: Implementation of the Approach


Chapter 6: The 25 Day Challenges with Instructions


Chapter 7: The Challenges for use with Evidence Scrapbooks


Chapter 8: Celebrations and Happiness Ripples


Chapter 9: Second Year of Spread the Happiness Challenges


Chapter 10: Kindness is our Superpower for Educational Change





    1. 100 Things to do with Your Child



    1. 100 things to do before you are six



    1. 100 things to do before you are six – UAE



    1. 100 things to do indoors (from COVID 19)



    1. 50 things to do this summer (1-5)



    1. Counting on Number Songs



    1. Year 7 challenges for transition into secondary



  1. Year 7 Evidence Booklet