Fred, Rudolphs Brother AND Mischievous Gnome Planning


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Rudolph’s Brother Fred

Planning – first paragraph:

“This isn’t a well known story but it’s amazing Fred the reindeer and Mischievous Gnome is a song but also a story about Rudolph’s unknown brother Fred (who is a totally red reindeer!). Enjoy a  new take on Christmas as you #paintthetownred with brand new ideas for the lead up to celebration of Christmas”

This planning is contained in Spread the Happiness Book 3.


Mischievous Gnome

This educational resource is based on The Mischievous Gnome book. The amazing new series of stories from Shonette Bason Wood with illustrations by Amy Bradley.

It can be enjoyed simply as fun, or used as a basis for a variety of classroom activities.

This product includes seven pieces that makes up Mischievous Gnome planning!