What is Squiggle 2.0?

Improve early writing
Connects brain and body

Is a developmental approach to early writing. Its ideally for children working in early years but it can be used as a writing intervention with children from their earliest stages of mark making and physical development right in to Year 1.

Squiggle uses neurological and physiological movements to create marks. The ‘how to Squiggle’ is beautiful in its fun and simplicity.

What stages are there in the Squiggle Early Learning Programme?

  1. Wiggle me into a Squiggler is the first stage and is designed for the early stages of mark making and physical development used in writing.
  2. Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle is the next stage in early years child development and moves on to more advanced mark making and letter formation
  3. Squiggle me into a Writer is the final stage in our Squiggle Programme taking the child through cursive mark making and letter formation.


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