15th March 2024

Hessian on the Walls but …

This week, as I visited four different schools, and inevitably had the hessian/ brown paper and calm children discussion!

At Spread the Happiness I prefer … colour displays. I understand the theory of hessian/brown paper, but children would be a lot calmer if they were allowed more movement. They would also be calmer if classrooms were tidier! Which leads me to prompt you? How clean is your classroom?

  1. Neat as a pin
  2. Needs a tidy
  3. Out of control please send a skip!

Calmer children have access to movement more and the outdoors, plus a classroom that is neat, provision that is inviting and all in the right place, also adds to the calm. The bonus factor to calm children? A tighter than tights timetable.

Hope these tips reassured you or prompted you to tidy ????

Lots of Early Years energy

Shonette x