8th January 2024

Over Worked and Overwhelmed?

Do you often catch yourself whispering those dreaded words, “I’m overworked and overwhelmed”? It is a common thing to hear, however…

Would you like to know a little secret?

When you say even just the words, overwhelmed or overworked, it makes your busy life even worse because you create a story in your head about it and it is a  negative one. I promise you when you stop telling yourself this story you will feel better.

Here are three ways to stop the overwhelm story:

  1. Notice how often you are saying negative words like overwhelmed, overworked, stressed, busy, manic…
  2. Change your vocabulary. I am feeling stressed becomes I can manage this. I am overwhelmed becomes let’s get organised and schedule this. Reminder: You are only human and can only do your best.
  3. What’s your screen time score? When I feel negative my screen time hours go through the roof and on Mondays when it pings ‘6 hours’ I think ???? what could you have done in that time?! ( Watch out on my Instagram story for my new phone fasting ???? @basonshonette)