Disco Dough 10 Pack


10 pots of red Disco Dough™ for £6 (plus postage and packaging).

Orders over 2 units (unit = ten pots) please email via our contact page to obtain quote for shipping costs.

Please click on the description below to obtain complete information regarding any allergy concerns.


“The principal ingredients are potato starch and water, which generally don’t cause any issues with allergies.

The dough also includes much smaller quantities of salt and vegetable oil.

There are also preservatives and fillers, but all of these conform to the very latest 2015 EU Biocide regulations.

We also retest regularly and the dough was tested to the latest EN71 regulations within the last 12 months.

The dough is  free of the commonly occurring allergens, wheat, gluten, nuts, milk, latex etc.

If you would like to enquire about a specific ingredient/allergy please let us know and we will contact the manufacturer directly.”


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