24th January 2024

Food as a Play Resource – The Truth

I recently saw a post about using food as a play resource, lentils, chick peas, pasta, rice and things. When I read some comments I just thought ‘I’ve had enough!’.

Enough of people criticising each other for doing things. I use food as resource because it’s cheap and usually it’s me funding the resource! I also run a charity that feeds children in poverty directly through schools, so am I at conflict with my beliefs or am I, like you just doing the best with what I’ve got?

This constant don’t use this, do use that is made up and different, dependent on setting. When I asked inspectors they look at me strangely, because the truth is they don’t care what’s in your tuff tray, they care about the teaching and learning that activity generates. No setting has ever failed for simply doing its best for the children.

So instead of criticising, let’s start sharing our solutions? I’ve had an idea, because we’ve all been apart WAY too long, to get us all back together in the room, drinking tea or coffee and sharing ideas. I miss those days and the fear culture we are in will only go away if we do something and that something is stick together.