21st November 2023

Are we Missing an opportunity in early years?

How many Early Years practitioners struggled with maths at school?

I did. I retook my GCSE three times to get a C!

So I know first hand, how early maths education is like the secret ingredient in a recipe for future maths success. When we get it right in the Early Years, the outcomes for children down the road are nothing short of remarkable.

There are three major improvements which can be seen by implementing a quality Early Maths curriculum from 2 years old:

. Increase in Cognitive Development:

The Early Years Maths session taught daily plays a significant role in shaping a child’s brain. When young minds engage with maths concepts, they are actively building problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and critical thinking abilities.

2. Growth of Maths Confidence and Motivation:

Early success in maths can boost a child’s confidence and motivation to learn. When children experience the joy of grasping mathematical concepts, they’re more likely to view themselves as capable learners. This self-belief can lead to a positive attitude towards education and a greater willingness to take on challenges in the future.

3. Maths with Real-World Relevance:

Maths isn’t just about numbers; it’s a fundamental skill used in countless real-world situations. Teaching maths in the Early Years helps children develop the practical skills they’ll need for everyday life, from budgeting and measuring to understanding data and making informed decisions. A strong foundation in maths empowers them to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

So what’s your Early Years Maths programme like? I myself have taught schemes brought in with little to no Early Years part of it. If the scheme had Early Years, Reception at best (never Nursery or Pre- school) I found it uninspiring, either too hard or far too easy so I wrote my own!

Please may I present to you my very own Spread the Happiness Early Maths Programme from age 2 years through to the end of Reception. Progressive, impacting and enjoyable for everyone. It includes a full years planning per age range and all books and rhymes have You Tube videos (I checked).

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