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31st October 2021

Award winners!

Shonette was nominated for two categories in  the Tees Valley Business Women 2021 Awards.

At a ballgown/black tie event at Hardwick Hall in Teesside, to her great delight she won both categories. 

Inspiring others and Charity of the Year. She received two engraved hexagonal glass plaques which now have pride of place in her home.

It was an amazing night.

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31st March 2021

Squiggle 2.0 now published

Shonettes popular approach to early years writing and letter formation – Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle is now updated and expanded in her new book ‘Squiggle 2.0’.

Squiggle uses neurological and physiological movements to create marks. The ‘how to Squiggle’ is beautiful in its fun and simplicity.

Squiggle can be done whole class, in smaller groups or even as a writing intervention. 

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6th February 2021

Shonette’s New Book

The Spread the Happiness Approach is launched this month

Both practical and inspiring, this book is designed to empower educators and school leaders to make clear and simple adjustments to their practice for a lasting impact on the happiness and well- being of staff and children and ultimately on academic standards. It includes practical tips and activities to help teachers generate a lasting atmosphere of positivity and happiness in the classroom plus clear strategies to help leaders to embed the Spread the Happiness approach throughout their school and across the curriculum.

This book includes detailed case studies, a five-week programme of taster challenges and a section on measuring outcomes and sharing success. The Spread the Happiness approach invites teachers to undertake a 27-day challenge, which encourages problem solving and challenges them to make their immediate workplace happier. It identifies the strengths of adults and children and sets realistic goals to achieve as an individual, as a team and even as a community.

This powerful resource will be of great interest to all teachers and school leaders, as well as trainee teachers and students on leadership or early educational courses.

You can buy a copy for £34.99  direct from the publisher on:

Buy the Spread the Happiness Approach Book Here

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29th January 2021

Struggling with ideas for home schooling?

Shonette and the team have decided to put on two Zoom school sessions per week based around a theme.

These sessions last around 30+ minutes are highly engaging and educational for children, covering many areas of the statutory curriculum and more!  There is also a follow up sheet of ten activities to do at home!

The response has been amazing, with many parent’s commenting on how engaged and motivated their children are.

To book please click this link:

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28th October 2020

Coming up in November

By popular demand we are starting our third ‘Happiness Superhero Course

Previous participants have said:

“The course, Shonette’s support and enthusiasm and the WhatsApp group have been life changing. I have been given strategies that I use daily which are enabling me to deal with a variety of issues.  It has made be more positive  calm and appreciative of what I have and deserve. “

“I feel it is becoming a way of life and thinking which I can sustain which in turn will improve my life and happiness further.”

“The course has been really useful and supported me to make changes to my life. I am sad that it is coming to an end! Shonette has challenged us all and the group has also been incredibly supportive.”

Email at if you are interested.

Starts Wednesday 4th November 7PM – 8.30PM

In our events section we have:

Our our first ever on-line EYFS Conference is on Saturday 7th November, with guest speakers Tishy Lishy, Dan MacEarly Years, Ace Early Years, Hywel (forgotten his surname!!)

We also have a whole host of on-line Zoom trainings for you to attend at your leisure!

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5th October 2020

New Website

Thanks for joining us in our new look website. Let us know what you think 🙂

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5th October 2020

New Dough Disco books now published

You can now buy our newest Dough Disco book sets in our shop.

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